Faro Focus 3d S120

Beambrothers has the Faro Focus 3d S120 laser scanner in their array of high performance equipment. With an accuracy of 2mm at a maximum distance of 120 meters and adding  a photo texture to the scan data this scanner will enable us to enhance our 3D mapping projects to the highest level possible.

With the ability to convert the pointcloud data into a virtual 3D solids model to be used in 3DS MAX, AutoCAD and other 3D software we offer you the perfect opportunity to reach a higher level of professionalism for your event venue or theater.

While visualization becomes more and more important for (technical) producers to convince their costumers of their lighting and set design, providing them with this 3D model will decrease their preproduction time, making them more cost effective and in return make you more attractive as a high end event location!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us an find out what Beambrothers can do for your location. Depending on your needs and skills we can provide you with anything from the rough data to cleaned up, ready to use 3D models. Even conversion to files usable in Google’s SketchUp for quick modeling are possible in the near future!