Modulo Pi kinetic

Modulo Kinetic is our flagship video solution and helps you merge different video approaches into one coherent environment. User-friendly Modulo Kinetic Designer is the perfect tool for creative agencies, technicians, and technical providers. Use Modulo Kinetic across your complete workflow: study, simulation, media creation, encoding and playback.

  • Non-linear, real-time timelines editing with key frames.
  • Low-latency live real-time mixer.
  • Advanced real-time 3D engine.
  • Projection study and simulations in 3D.
  • Interactivity with easy-to-use nodal programming.
  • Advanced 2D warping with our innovative X-Map feature.
  • 3D projector calibration.
  • Easy-to-use show control : devices, tasks, digimap.
  • Design your own user interface.
  • Easy-to-use automatic master/slave backup switch.

Coming soon in out rental fleet


kinetic nao demo from Marco de Jong on Vimeo.