Modulo Pi Media servers

To maintain our leading position in the innovative and High-End video and projection field, Beambrothers invested in a brand new Media Player.
Unlike comparable systems who find there origin in the Lighting industry, Modulo Pi was designed by and for video techs. Understanding the need for a flexible High End player capable of playing either uncompressed (TGA) as compressed (H.264) media and HAP codec (HAP/HAP alpha/HAPQ), the R&D department of Modulo Pi came up with a highly versatile and flexible server system capable of handling the most demanding AV and mapping jobs. With (coming) features like motiontracking, interactivity and the capability to use pointclouds captured by our Faro laserscanner to enhance (building)mapping we find Modulo Pi the best possible way to keep serving our clients’ needs without compromising on their creative ideas
The use of low latency live inputs (SDI/HDMI/DVI) up to native 4K@60fps max. give the opportunity to use the Modulo system as a one system for all.

BeamBrothers has this equipment available for rental. Please call for pricing info starting from a single day till more day rental.