For purchasing equipment for the installation and rental market you came to the right place. Whether it concerns setting up a boardroom, interactive shop windows, theatre installations, museums or amusement parks, Beambrothers can always provide you with the right solution. And of course they again deliver “the highest quality for a competitive price”.

When you purchase your rental projectors with the Beambrothers you will get, from that moment on, an extra discount on our rental stock whenever you need it,  creating a true win-win situation which will strengthen your company. The Beambrothers make it happen!

For fixed installation the Beambrothers work with experienced installers who will deliver your project on time and with the highest level of quality. Afterwards they will make plenty of time to get you acquainted with the equipment and of course you can rely on their service and expertise. Do you require extra security? You can always choose to get a service contract to protect yourself against unpleasant surprises and rely on the Beambrothers to provide you with replacement equipment if needed.

Beambrothers is dealer of Epson, Black magic design, Panasonic, Draper screens, Extron, Kramer and many more.