The Rental Experts

The Beambrothers are specialists in challenging projection assignments. Wether the project is 3D, holographic, widescreen, curved screen, dome, 4K projection or building mapping Beambrothers enjoy the challenge in solving every puzzle they encounter, with an eye for detail and attention to your project. By optimising their technical infrastructure and the use of High End equipment they save time for what really counts : the end result.

With the Beambrothers you pay for this end result instead of paying “by device and cable”, simply said : “we make sure everything is at hand to realise your project”. Taking the worries out of your hands and delivering at a pre determent rate, that’s what the Beambrothers stand for! Whether your project is a simple presentation or an 85 meters wide screen, you’ll be amazed with their competative rates!

The Beambrothers only work with first class equipment. That was one of the cornerstones the company was built on and one that will never change. You can rely on Beambrothers to search for innovative equipment in the future to keep their standard leading position in todays AV market.