Presma powerpoint player

Our Windows player servers are specially designed for remote controlled use. So it is possible to place the servers at a different location as where the operator is located. Also with our  media servers it is possible to control these servers and integrate the powerpoint controls in a show. Things like opening Powerpoints  and controlling them with a device like an iPad or android device is no challenge anymore. Also editing a Powerpoint while it is running is one of the advances with these systems.

It is also possible to see the length of an upcoming video in the presentation as well as a countdown timer when the video is playing. Also in the bar below you can see the amount of clicks in a slide. Al this can be controlled and monitored in a webbrowser so several operators/viewers can look at the same information. We can automatically give our stage timer settings from powerpoint. Just simply add a timer info in the notification part of powerpoint and done! This timer information is available in the remote/webbrowsers and also on a separate output channel for stage monitoring. Of course our software is unique in terms of giving separate outputs for current/next and notes.

The hardware of these severs are configured with a Nvidia Quadro graphics card for high quality image reproduction and Intel i7 multicore processors. With these machines we can send separate outputs for current/next and notes.

BB remote player_V4 from Marco de Jong on Vimeo.

Call BeamBrothers for a demo to see how it can help your next event!

BeamBrothers has this equipment available for rental use in a complete rack system. Please call for pricing info starting from a single day till more day rental.